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60 Minutes - Time

In each room, your team has 60 minutes to escape. Before starting the game, we will tell you everything you need to know.
The cost is $30 per player for the escape room of your choice. Our rooms hold anywhere from 2-8 players depending on the room.If you have extra players let us know and we can add them on when you arrive.
Each room has a differen minimum and maximum amount of players as well as a unique theme, story, and set of rules. Make sure to click on each image below to read the full story and any requirements or restrictions for the game.
Booking Info

how to book

choose a room for your escape

Read each room's description andd pick one that suits your group best.

choose the date and time

Plan with your group when the best time and date to assemble will be.

book online

Visit EscapeGranbury.com to make your booking. Create an optional account to manage and change your booking(s).

get confirmation

Get excited! You should recieve a confirmation e-mail outlining the details of your event! Bring a valid ID for the name in which the booking is made, the email is for your records only.