60 minutes

Wealthy inventor and entrepreneur, Duke Branson is credited with setting the world record for most arcade game high scores set in one hour. In the final hour of 1989 at the Overdrive Arcade, Duke was able to set all of the high scores earning him a title that would never be contended.
Duke is very well known and has made many contributions to modern science and medicine. However, his latest invention isn’t known by many other than himself and his small team of researchers. Duke has successfully created a time machine! He has used it to return to his youth many times and play the games he loved so much at Overdrive Arcade. Although he has found joy in this, it still isn’t enough to calm his eager spirit for adventure. Duke has decided to invite players at to come back in time with him to Overdrive Acrcade in an attempt to beat his high scores and compete for a grand prize.
If you think you’ve got what it takes then book now and Duke will reach out.