Our Current Rooms

Murder Motel

Take on our most difficult adventure, a classic murder mystery set in a sleazy low budget motel…

Spooky Speakeasy

Immerse yourself in an abandoned underground speakeasy as you become trapped under the power of a legendary Texas spirit.

The Bunker

Curiosity gets the best of you when you become trapped in an old military bunker full of nuclear goodies.

Gold Rush Cabin

Transport back in time and uncover the secrets of a gold stash before a group of bandit train robbers catch up with you in this family-friendly classic western adventure.

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Coming Soon

Overdrive Arcade 1989

Our most immersive challenge to date sends you back in time to the final hour of new year’s eve 1989 to challenge a wealthy philanthropist and inventor of time travel in a battle of high scores and nostalgia. 

Coming Summer 2022